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A few years ago in 2016 I had announced about moving on from the company that I had started myself along with a couple of my friends. It was extremely heartbreaking to do so sinceĀ I was going through one of the toughest and darkest time of my life. It brings me great joy to announce today that finally after a hiatus of 2 years I am back to my company, GameEon, and will be actively managing day to day affairs of the same as CEO. This post is dedicated not only for announcing my way ahead but also as a motivation for anyone who is going through a hard time. So without further ado let’s get into it!

Over the last few years I have realised that I am great at expressing myself in written format and so I chose to write this blog. The real reason why I had stopped working on GameEon was because I was going through severe depression along with a couple of other personal issues. Now the thing is that most times people use this word ‘depression’ without really understanding the true nature of it. Being in depression sucks big time. The feeling in itself is something that cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. During that time I was also experiencing heavy insomnia, sometimes not being able to sleep for 3-4 days at a stretch. This was affecting my day to day decisions and led to my eventual stepping down from my position.

This went on for 3 months during which I also opted for medical help and was given prescriptions for my condition. Those were some really strong medicines which helped me correct my sleep schedule and slowly I could eventually start understanding that I am in a way being dependent on them for ‘being normal’. This wasn’t supposed to be this way though and so by the end of the 3rd month I decided to stop taking those medicines abruptly. This, of course, had some severe side effects. I was having tough breakdowns because of the same but I somehow persisted. That taught me the importance of survival. Sometimes in a war just surviving itself is a big victory.

Those 3 months were the toughest but things started getting better after that. I got an offer to write my first book by Packt Publishing which helped me get back on track and get occupied. I decided to give my best to improve myself from that point onwards. The worst was behind me. The best part about hitting rock bottom is that after that point the only way to go ahead is upwards. The book was a paid project and helped me survive for the next couple of months during which I also worked on a couple of client game projects that helped me stabilise further. I worked on polishing my skills and was having a decent time. Things were really improving for me.

The beautiful part about this 2 year hiatus is the things I did in this time. I did things that I usually wouldn’t have done if I continued with GameEon. It gave me the freedom to experiment and try out new things as well as explore the old things I did from a different point of view. After almost a year of my departure of handling operations at GameEon I was also offered a full time job at a company named Talking Pixels to join as their Tech Lead. I instantly grabbed this opportunity.

It was at Talking Pixels where I really learned how to run a game development company and how to make good quality games. It was there that I realised all of my mistakes that I had done earlier at GameEon which equipped me with the knowledge needed to create good games. Under Mr. Sanjay Soni (Founder of Talking Pixels), I learned a lot of things. Initially when we were running GameEon we were not aware of any processes. After working at Talking Pixels I was exposed to the world of efficient process management through which we can improve output and thereby create a systematic approach towards developing good quality games.

I worked on multiple projects at Talking Pixels which included an assortment of Android games, 1 iOS game and a couple of HTML5 games. This was perhaps the best time of my life. I will forever be grateful for the things I learned while working here as I now feel ready to manage my own company taking into account all of my learnings at Talking Pixels. I joined this company in the month of September in 2017 and worked there till 31st August, 2018.

After gaining experience from this company my natural next decision was to come back to the gaming business and what other way to come back than to start by resuming my responsibilities at GameEon. I also compiled all these things I learned in the gaming industry and wrote a book on marketing and making money from games in order to help aspiring and existing game developers.

Everything at GameEon will be started back from scratch with a new team and new exciting games. We will be servicing clients for some time in order to generate revenue and in the near future once we are self sustained we will be working on our own products as well. So if you have any requirement of getting a game developed send me a mail on and I will get back to you with a proper plan for the same.

I will end this post with a quote that I heard on YouTube channel Veritasium:

Errors and humiliations will be forgotten but greatness will not.

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