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It is said that Goa trips find a place only in one place: eternal planning. For a lucky few, fortunately this planning converts into execution. I was lucky to make this trip happen along with my office colleagues. Like most people, even we were planning for Goa trip since quite a long time. One fine day we said to ourselves let’s do it on a weekend and that very weekend we materialised our plans and went on this carnival of a trip.

In this post I will walk you through my experience in Goa along with a detailed itinerary for the same including costs (detailed at the bottom of the post) which might help you plan your next trip here. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it. I was in Goa on 24th, 25th and 26th March, 2018. Here is my breakdown for these 3 days itinerary in this beautiful paradise.

Day 1: Exploring Around

This wasn’t technically my first trip to Goa. I had been here earlier but with my parents to visit temples (-_-) and so this time I was sure of what NOT to do since I was with my office friends. We were 3 of us (including me) and were determined to have the most of this trip. So after deciding to go to Goa we booked a bus there without planning anything before hand. Heck, we didn’t even book a hotel before we left Mumbai. We booked our room in the bus while on our way.

On the way to Goa via sleeper bus

The bus arrived on time on Borivali, however during the trip there was a huge delay since the road was not that good and there was a bit of a hold up. To summarise day 1 in points here’s the detailed day plan that happened:

  • Arrival in Goa at 1:30 pm afternoon. We got off at Mapusa bus station from where we boarded a bus to Arpora Junction which cost us Rs. 20 per person.
  • After reaching here we checked in at our hotel near Arpora Junction, we stayed at Hotel Sodders Renton Manor and the stay only set us back by some Rs. 3,200 for 2 days for 3 of us in total and is near Club Cubana, one of the most awesome clubs in Goa. Check in time was 1 pm and check out time was for 26th March, 2018 (Monday) 11 am
  • After check in was done we relaxed a little and then booked two scooters. I was driving one and the other two shared the other scooter. This cost us Rs. 300 per day so in total for 3 days it became Rs. 300×3 = Rs. 900
  • Once we booked our scooters we had a quick lunch at our hotel itself and got ready for the day to set out on our Goan adventure
  • Now we had the scooter and we started exploring around when suddenly my scooter ran out of petrol. However, fortunately there was an aunty who had bottled petrol with her which cost me Rs. 80 for a bottle. I was advised not to buy bottled petrol from here since they mix it with kerosene or something but then I really didn’t have any choice here so I filled my scooter with the bottled petrol and then a few kilometers away there was a petrol pump so I filled my tank from there.
  • All was set, but we were hungry now so we decided to head towards Calangute beach where we stopped and had a quick snack. It was almost 5:30 pm
  • We then started walking on Calangute beach and walked all the way to Baga Beach
  • Fortunately we came to Goa on Saturday so there was this “Saturday Nite Market” which was a lot of fun to check around and do some quick shopping. We spent some time over there. If you plan to visit Goa then do make sure that you are here on a Saturday. This is perhaps the most happening day in Goa
  • Almost the entire time after that we were hanging out at Baga Beach having fun there

That was it for Day 1. We explored the wonderful beaches of Calangute and Baga and saw some clubs.

Sunset at Baga Beach

Driving on scooter was pretty much fun too as we got to really explore Goa the way we wanted to by traveling flexibly.

Scooter in Goa

Saturday Nite Market was a good place for shopping so make sure to come to Goa on a Saturday.

Saturday Nite Market near Arpora, Goa

The first night we didn’t go clubbing as we wanted to wait it out and find out the best deal for us. Clubs were surprisingly expensive even during this off season. Entry to clubs is free for girls but for single guys it is really expensive. If you want to go to clubs it is advisable to go in as a couple. You’ll find it relatively cheaper rather than going in single (stag entry means single entry).

Day 2: Getting in the Goan mood

Second day was the most happening day. We explored more of Goa and tried out a variety of Goan things.

Anjuna Beach, Goa

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the same:

  • We started our day by motorcycling to Anjuna Beach after having our breakfast from hotel. Breakfast was included in our stay and was really worth it.
  • Here at Anjuna Beach we tried the local beer called “Fenny”. There were two varieties of this beer, Coconut and Cashew Fenny. A glass of 60 ml cost us Rs. 80 and it was a really strong beer.
  • Anjuna Beach is a very quiet place to spend some good quality time. You can spend a relaxed time sun bathing under an umbrella and having fun in the water in this beach
  • After Anjuna Beach we headed towards Ozran Beach. This is a relatively less populated beach compared to the others.
  • We spent our afternoon here and had lunch while sitting under an umbrella facing the beach and clicked loads of pictures as well as interacted with people on the beach. We talked with Iranians, Russians and a few locals
  • Once our lunch was done we headed to Morjim Beach. This beach had a lot of foreigners. In fact, this was perhaps the only beach where I could find majority foreign crowd. All other beaches had a balanced Indian+foreign crowd
  • Morjim Beach was a bit far from our room so we decided to leave from there since we planned to go to clubs that night at Baga Beach. And so, we headed back to our hotel room and reached our room by 7:45 pm.
  • After getting fresh we headed towards Baga Beach and were looking for a good club with cheap entry cost since we also wanted to have our dinner at the same place.
  • We found a good club right on Titos Lane named “Get High”. Since we entered that club before 9:30 pm we got in for Rs. 500 entry fee. They told us that entry fee would increase to Rs. 1,800 after 9:30 pm. It was a sweet deal since all the other clubs on that street had a stag entry fee of Rs. 3,300 and couple entry for Rs. 2,700 so we got in.
  • We spent the entire night over there dancing on the floor like crazy and also had our dinner. We left the place at 2:30 am and slept like a baby in our hotel.

Partying in Goa was very much fun as people from all over the world visit here to enjoy and dance like crazy.

“Get High” club on Tito’s Lane

Till now we hadn’t even booked our journey back home so the same night before sleeping we booked our bus tickets back to Mumbai. We booked a bus which would take around 12 hours for us to reach Mumbai that would leave at 8:00 pm on 26th March, 2018.

Day 3: Goan History

This was our final day in Goa so we decided to spend it a bit differently by visiting forts instead of beaches. We checked out of our hotel at sharp 11 am and still had our scooters with us so we decided to check out a few forts.

Aguada Fort, Goa

Our bus was supposed to leave at 8:00 pm but then got rescheduled to 7:30 pm so we had to reschedule our journey a bit as well but it was just a slight modification which didn’t really hamper our plan for the day. Here’s how it went:

  • Checked out from our hotel after finishing breakfast and on the way we bought some cashews and pistachios for home. We also did a bit of shopping on the way that included an exotic shirt and some collectibles.
  • We headed first towards our last beach in Goa, Candolim Beach where we had some refreshing Coconut water and spent some time at the beach
  • Just near Candolim Beach there was Sinquerium Fort which gave a good view of the beach so we spent a little bit of time there
  • Once this was done we headed towards another fort which was very nearby, Aguada Fort. It is also known as Agonda Fort
  • Nearby to this Fort there is also the Central Aguada Jail which is located in a very exotic location. It’s almost as if you’d literally love to be jailed in such a place! Although entry to this jail was restricted so we had to take a U-turn from this place.
  • It was almost 3 pm and we had three tasks left in hand: Have lunch, return the scooter and head towards Mapusa to board our bus
  • We had lunch at Crazy Crabs which was suggested to me by one of my friend. It had some really tasty non vegetarian food. Although my other two friends didn’t like it very much since they were vegetarians so after finishing from there we headed to Baga Beach for one last time for my friends to have a decent meal before we left.
  • We then handed our scooters back at Arpora Junction and luckily that very moment at around 4:45 pm our bus for departure to Mapusa came right in front of us. That was the last bus to Mapusa for the day and so we had a huge sigh of relief to have finally gotten on the bus.
  • After reaching Mapusa bus station we had our evening tea and waited for our bus to come.

And hence our trip to Goa concluded as we got into the bus to return back home.

Taking back this Floral Goan shirt and loads of memories (Location: Sinquerim Fort, Goa)

All in all it was a really great experience and these memories will stay on with me forever.

Cost Breakdown:

It was a really cheap affair in Goa. Here are all the expenses as well as other things that you can spend your money on while in Goa. Bare in mind I am only including travel costs from Mumbai to Goa and back. Costs will vary depending on the location from which you are planning to visit. Anyway, here’s how it went:

Mumbai to Goa bus: Rs. 650 (average) Ranges from Rs. 400 to 1,000

Goa to Mumbai bus: Rs. 650 (average) Same as above

Scooter rent: Rs. 300-400 (per day)

Club entry: Rs. 3,300 stag entry and Rs. 2,700 couple entry wherein drinks are included. Entry for girls is free

Drinks:  Wholesale drinks are pretty cheap here and you can get a beer here for Rs. 60-80 per bottle. Goan Fenny would cost you around Rs. 60-80 per 60 ml depending on the place you buy from. If you buy from a Government recognised hotel then they will charge a 22% tax on it so if you are looking to buy drinks then buy from a wholesale dealer. Breezers are for Rs. 80 per bottle from wholesale sellers too.

Cashews: Goa is famous for it’s cashews and you can find these from here at Rs. 300-400 per 250 grams depending on the shop and quality (skinned or unskinned)

Miscellaneous: Hats, shirts and other items can be bargained to be bought for Rs. 200-300 and can of course be bought at an even cheaper rate if you have good bargaining skills

In A Nutshell:

Goa is a great place to visit even during off season. It’s got a chilled environment and is an all year round tourist attraction. If you visit North Goa then these are the beaches you should most definitely not miss:

  • Baga Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Ozran Beach
  • Morjim Beach

And here are a few good clubs:

  • Tito’s
  • Love Passion Karma (LPK)
  • Mambo’s
  • Get High

A short trip of 3 days is most definitely a good idea but of course you can always extend it for more depending on your liking. So, that was it! My Goa trip. Hope this helps.

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