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Whenever our mind and body isn’t at ease, we call it a disease. Depression is also one such disease that can happen to anyone at any point of their life. There can be a variety of reasons why a person can go through depression but with a little bit of support from people around us and a little bit of self belief, you can definitely overcome this. I would like to share my takeaways as someone who had been through depression in short, through this blog post and if this helps in any way I would be more than happy to have helped.

How does it feel to be depressed?

Its a very strange situation to explain. When you go through depression, you feel like a complete lack of energy to do anything. You might want to do a lot but your state of mind and body doesn’t allow you to do so. And this isn’t complaining really, it goes deeper than that. When in depressed state your brain functions in a different way. Dopamine is the chemical which is responsible for making you feel good. During depression, your dopamine levels go low and you don’t feel happy doing anything. Sometimes getting angry unnecessarily, pushing close people away, not getting up from bed, not being able to sleep and everything seems dull at the moment.

What to do when going through depression?

As I said in the first paragraph, depression is a disease and it should be treated like one. You have to understand that the longer you delay it’s treatment, the harder it’s going to be to overcome. There’s a reason why there are doctors specifically for this situation. So seek medical attention immediately if you feel depressed for more than 2 weeks or so because precaution is better than cure.

What to keep in mind during depression?

Being in this state is difficult and its even more difficult to accept external advice of anyone but here’s something you have to remember: You’ve got a short life and are blessed with so much more than most people. This life that you’re living is a gift and you’re extremely lucky to be born as a human being. Agreed that this state is difficult as hell and it might feel wrong at the moment but there is a lot of positivity around and there are many people who love you. Start counting your blessings and think about the things you’re grateful for. You will be cured soon. Hope this message finds anyone in need of it.

As I write this on the last day of 2016, I leave behind my depression in this year and move towards a bright 2017. I am grateful to have overcome depression and I thank all my close ones including my parents, sister and near and dear friends who were there for me through it all. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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