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Hello friends my name is Nikhil Malankar and you are listening to my podcast Nikhil Malankar Mind Canvas. Through this podcast I talk about some of the things that fascinate me as well as things I have learned over the years by being in the gaming industry. My topics include a wide variety of stuff such as gaming, travel, business and current tech trends. I love playing as well as making games and have been developing games since 2011. So if you are listening to my podcast for the first time make sure to subscribe for some interesting content related to gaming, business and travel. With that, let’s begin our podcast.

This would be episode number 1 where I would be giving you a brief introduction about myself and what you can expect from this podcast in further detail. As I introduced myself as a gamer, let me expand on that first, I started playing games at a very young age. I have always loved playing games. Right when I was around 3 years old I remember my Dad had bought a brand new computer which had Windows 95 on it and one game: Doom. That was the first PC game I ever played and I remember playing it with my Dad till 2 AM late nights at times. That was the moment that fascinated me to the world of games.

After that I started playing a wide variety of games which included a mix of many genres. Through playing these games I realised later on that I could make games myself as well, a story that I will be talking about in the next episode of this podcast. That been said, I am an ambitious game programmer and apart from that I love travelling, gaming and talking with people. I also like making videos for my new YouTube channel which you can find at

I would describe myself as a Gamer, Programmer, Author, Traveler and a YouTuber. I have also authored a book on how to make android games which is published by Packt Publishing and currently I am in the process of writing my second book which is focused on how to market your games.

That’s about my gaming and businessy side. Let’s come to the traveler side of mine. I have always been fascinated by the thought of traveling around the world.

My first solo travel was to Czech Republic in Europe. I recall one such incident which had a huge impact on my life that planted the seed in me to travel the world. This was during my 2nd grade. It was the first time that my mom came with me in my school bus since she had to go somewhere urgently nearby. She sat there on the opposite seat and I was sitting with a bunch of my friends.

Me and my friends were just talking about traveling and vacations. My friends started talking about traveling abroad for vacations and that kind of gave me an inferiority complex at the time because I had not traveled much, so in the heat of the moment I told, “Next year me and my family will go on a vacation to New York”. I had this dictionary with really cool images of America and it fascinated me ever since. My friends then went ahead and asked my mom if that was true. Well, yeah, she told them that it wasn’t true. It made me sad, of course, but that dream of traveling to a new country, city, place always lived on with me for the years to come.

Over a period of last 24 years I traveled quite a bit. But my most travel to Europe made me reconnect with the child in me who was sitting in that bus and bravely exclaiming to the world that he was going to achieve his dream of going to New York, who at the moment he had no idea how difficult or tough it would be. But that’s what makes such dreams so beautiful, I believe. There are many things I learnt during my travels and look forward to share them all with you here.

I saw beautiful mornings, castles, zoo, rivers, woods. I met so many new people. All these experiences collectively fuelled my belief that there is no limit to the power of dreams. Most of us love to dream but when it comes to take action to go and make them true we fall short of it. I think we should go for it, you are going to die one day and that should be enough motivation to do the things you want to do, to experience things. Life is so much more beautiful than you can ever imagine it to be.

So with that been said, I look forward to see you in the next episode of my podcast. Also, make sure you follow me on all my social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube on .com/nikmlnkr

This is Nikhil signing off, naschledanou.


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