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Every hardcore gamer knows about Rockstar Games. It has become a massively successful company thanks to it’s Grand Theft Auto franchise. They have also launched a couple of other games under their belt and one such rare gem was L.A. Noire. This game was originally developed by Australian developer Team Bondi and they had used some really amazing motion capture technology for it’s characters. However, shortly after the game’s launch, this company shut down. L.A. Noire was launched in May, 2011 under publisher Rockstar Games and Team Bondi shut down in October, 2011.

The game took almost 7 years for development and there were a lot of controversies behind the development of this game. However, in this post we will not be talking about all those controversies. Instead, we will be taking a closer look at all the amazing things that were achieved by this smash hit crime drama games set in the 40s.

In this game you play as Detective Cole Phelps who is a part of LAPD and are tasked with various missions to solve cases that include homicide, vice, arson and traffic related crimes. You get these cases through multiple desks dedicated for particular types of cases and with each case you partner up with someone new to solve it.

The game has great attention to detail as it is a detective game. To investigate each case you actually have to go to the crime scene and look for evidence. As you keep finding evidence the case starts to become more and more clear and through a series of witty decision making you are able to progress through the game.

This game was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other GTA titles launched by Rockstar Games since you had to play as a detective. You could no longer run over people mindlessly without consequences. To add to the authentic retro theme the developers had also added in a black and white mode through which you could play the entire game in black and white mode. It just felt as if you were transported back to retro times.

Solving cases made you go from one place to another and sometimes you also had to revisit the crime scene multiple times to find new evidence. But perhaps the part that defined this game’s brilliance was it’s interrogations.

The game allowed you to interrogate suspects and judge for yourself if the suspect was lying or not. You could guess this based on the suspect’s body language and facial expressions. If the person was moving their eyes rapidly or smirking while giving you certain information then he or she was lying about it. You are required to pay close attention to the facial expressions. The development team had used cutting edge motion capture technology that very well portrayed facial expressions flawlessly and allowed you to make out whether or not they are lying.

The game also had an amazing soundtrack that went extremely well with the time frame it was based it. It was so good that it also won the award for Best Original Score at the BAFTA Video Game Awards of 2012.

This is what makes L.A. Noire one of the finest games out there as it boldly experimented with this technology and integrated in the game flawlessly. It is sad that we might not get to see a second version of this game since the company who developed is no longer active. However, I have some hopes that publisher Rockstar Games might rope in another developer to make it’s sequel primarily because Rockstar Games likes to have multiple franchises of the same game and with each new addition there is almost something extremely innovative that we can expect from Rockstar Games.

L.A. Noire is a brilliant game and is a timeless classic. You can pick up the game anytime, enter the shoes of Cole Phelps  and start solving crimes. Once you finish the main story line there is also an additional DLC that you can play through and complete missions. This game was launched as a standalone single player experience and was truly a masterpiece in it’s own right.

If you have played any GTA game and are looking for a twist then I would highly recommend you to play L.A. Noire as it is a really good game. This game was a massive commercial success and was one of the best selling games of all time for the year 2011 with selling over 899,000 copies across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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