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Back in 2014 I had started this website that focused on light hearted content. I also saw it as a great platform to get in touch with budding entrepreneurs, actors and almost anyone who had a story to tell. I had put up a lot of interesting interviews of many people on that website after starting it and one fine day I struck gold! I interviewed Billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Yes, that actually happened!

At that time he was promoting Cyber Dust, an application that allowed you to send destructible messages. Kind of like WhatsApp meets Snapchat. It was indeed an amazing experience to get to interview him. I got in touch with him through Cyber Dust itself. It is a well known fact that if you reach out to Mark he will revert back to you.

He has also kept his email ID public so anyone can reach out to him. I talked with him for a couple of minutes and he gave me his email id on Cyber Dust. The problem was that the android version of the app didn’t allow you to take screenshots of the conversation so I quickly took a paper nearby and wrote down his email id on there.

This was gold to me. I had just got Mark Cuban’s email address. The Billionaire investor who I used to watch on Shark Tank, I had just made my first contact with him. I talked to a billionaire, wow! I was extremely happy by just receiving his email address. And it was really him.

After this I sent him a questionnaire regarding some interesting questions. You can find the interview here:

I sent him this questionnaire on 24th August, 2014 and got a reply from him after midnight 25th August, 2014. Here are a few things I learnt from interviewing Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban’s mail reply to me

First and foremost, be the consumer of your own product. This is an extremely valuable lesson to learn and implement. If you have created a product then you must be the first person to use it. Because truly, if you yourself aren’t using your product then why would someone else?

Secondly, no matter how big you grow always communicate with the consumers of your product or clients you work with so you can understand their requirements and how to improve your product or service. This is perhaps the single most factor that differentiates a successful entrepreneur from the crowd. I would say that even I need to keep reminding this to myself time and time again. It is the consumers or your clients of your product or service that are going to be the reason for your company’s success or failure.

Third lesson is that business is the ultimate sport. After interviewing him I was even more fascinated about Mark and so I started consuming all the content related to the Dallas Mavericks owner. I read his book “How To Win At The Sport Of Business” and learnt about how he thinks of business. He compares business to sports. According to him business is a game that you play 24x7x365xforever.

Fourth lesson is something that keeps me motivated every single day. You only have to be right once. If you know about Mark Cuban then you know how his billion dollar net worth was created. It was through his venture which was bought by Yahoo! during the time when tech stocks were hot. He worked extremely hard and had to face extremely tough times during his time as an entrepreneur. But with that one moment his life changed and now he can do whatever he wants to with his life without having to worry about money ever. Even his future generations can completely rely on the fortunes created by Mark.

It is extremely true in the business world. Nobody will count your failures, in the business world we only glorify success stories. Failures are simply ignored. So, that’s a really comforting thing. Keep trying and don’t give up.

Fifth lesson is that luck plays a big role in your success but in order to get lucky you need to work hard as well. Your luck is directly proportional to the efforts you put in. The more you work towards your goals and targets the more lucky you get. It’s all about improving your chances against the odds.

Sixth lesson I learnt was from reading his book. Whining is not bad. Whining leads to a lot of improvements. People only whine about things that make their life miserable. Whining can be looked upon as a way to improve systems. You only whine about things that you feel are uncomfortable. When was the last time you whined about something that worked exactly as you intended to? Never, right? So if someone is whining about a particular feature in your product or your clients are complaining about your service have a conversation with them and understand what the root problem is so that you can get to improve it rather than being bitter about it.

These are some of the things I learnt from interviewing Mark Cuban. Are you a fan of Mark Cuban? Let me know through your comments what is the best thing you like about him?

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This is Nikhil signing off, naschledanou!


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