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In 2014 I got my hands on The Last Of Us game. It is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and playing it is a whole new level of an emotional journey. There are many things I learnt from this game and in this video I am going to talk about those things.

The Last Of Us is a game that has had an extremely profound effect on me. I should give you a spoiler alert before you read the entire post. If you haven’t played the game yet there are some specific plot points I will be talking about so if you are interested in playing the game then I’d suggest you to stop right here and play the game before continuing from here.

That been said, the game is this story of what would happen if a zombie infestation happened in our world. It is an action-adventure survival horror game that takes you through an immensely emotional storyline and it’s gameplay keeps you gripped for hours at end. The gameplay of this game is roughly around 17 hours and all through the game you are emotionally invested in the game.

This game taught me about our survival instincts. It takes you through these devastated environments and all the while you keep looking around through the beautiful environments you can’t help but wonder what we have done to our world and how very beautiful it would really be without us intruding with it’s natural habitat and just let nature thrive on it’s own. The game looks drop dead gorgeous.

It’s storyline is so well written that within the first 15 minutes I cried. The game is a perfect example of how we humans face tragedy and shows us a perfect mirror of our survival tactics.

The Last of Us Ending, when Joel lies to Ellie about the Fireflies and tells her that there was no cure. It was such an emotional moment. It was almost as if in that moment you were not playing as the protagonist, it felt as though you were the antagonist. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about the choice made by Joel by the end of the game and I wondered what would I have done in his shoes? I would have probably done the same. When Ellie asks him to swear to her if this was the truth Joel looks her in the eyes and lies as if he does not care about the choice he made. It was almost a tragic decision that costed the end of entire humanity since Ellie was the cure. But Joel cared more about Ellie’s survival than the survival of the entire human race. He saw his own daughter in Ellie and he had already lost his own daughter before the zombies took over the entire world.

We are all a bit like Joel. Most of us have this emotional side to us which would do anything to protect the people whom we love the most from the world. In some cases the whole world be damned, we become extremely selfish at times. But that’s basically our survival instincts that make us behave that way. We only care about the things that we have developed a bond with. Everything else can go to hell.

Also there is this amazing giraffe scene. If you ask what is your favourite scene from the game to anyone who has played it most probably 90% of the answer will be the giraffe scene. It was perhaps the most magical moment in that game. The take away from that scene is simply this, the world is better without human interference. If we don’t interfere with nature and end our quest for expanding further and further only then nature will thrive and turn this planet into a living paradise. It taught me that we can live in harmony with nature. There is no rush. That scene in the game felt extremely relaxing. It felt as if I could sit there forever just marvelling at the beauty of nature.

All in all I loved this game to the maximum. I usually avoid playing games that are a linear experience and because of the same reason I was avoiding to play this game but after I played it there was no looking back. I absolutely fell in love with this game and it will stay in the Top 10 list of the games that I loved the most. The Last Of Us 2 is coming out soon and I am eagerly waiting to play it and see what I can learn from that game further. Have you played The Last Of Us? Let me know through the comments section what was your favourite part of this game?

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