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The last 5 years have been nothing but magical in their own. I have learnt so much and done so much in the last 5 years with GameEon that looking back I am happy with the way things turned out to be. I got to work with some of the brightest people in the industry and also with many popular brands. I saw people associated with GameEon to go on to achieve much more in the fields they are pursuing and to see the gratitude in them for being a part of GameEon is an humbling experience in itself. Having said that, personally I think I have contributed everything possible from my side to this little 5 year old creation that me and my friends had started and its time for me to move on.


In the last 6 months I was struggling with this decision but finally I came to a conclusion that it is the best one since I no longer felt happy working on the things we were doing at GameEon and it had become more of a routine than something that was started out of pure love and passion. The people with whom I worked with are true gems and good people, however, there comes a point when you don’t really feel like continuing with something because it conflicts with your inner peace. The moment I accepted this fact, it was clear to me that I have to move on from the thing that I started.

As you all can clearly observe from our portfolio, we didn’t publish any game after “Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive” and most of the decisions were running towards being very “businessy” which was messing up with the real vision that we had started the company. We started stumbling upon on a lot of places and there were a lot of conflict of ideologies within the company. More than making good quality games, we started focusing on how to make more money.

Having said that, I truly respect the individuality of the point of views of each and everyone who was working at GameEon, because after all, everyone wanted only good for the company and its progress.

What does this mean for GameEon?

GameEon will continue to operate in its operations but I am moving on from my full time operations from the company to pursue my own dreams beyond GameEon.

Whats next for me?

I am starting my new company which will focus on Social Branding, Gaming and Journalism and this company will set its roots slowly steadily. I have also created a massive audience for my personal brand through Facebook and am focusing on making good quality video content. Here is my roadmap for the next 5 years:

I will be taking my experience of last 5 years and using it to have a strong foundation for this new company. I strongly believe that this company will do amazing since I have a lot of awesome plans charted out for the next 5 years for this company. At the end of the next 5 years I would love to say, “It was a great decade for me”. So, stay tuned and follow me on all social media.

And last but not at all the least, this is for everyone who worked at GameEon: I love you all 🙂

Have a great year ahead!

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