My Businesses

I have been running my own business ever since the age of 19 and since then have operated multiple businesses across various fields of my interest. Here’s a list of my ventures:

Tell Me Nothing:

Tell Me Nothing is a satire website which aims at providing fun content. You can find the website on:

Through Tell Me Nothing I aim to make a platform for all writers to express their opinions and put them forward in a satirical and witty way which is both entertaining and enlightening at the same time. The website also has interesting curated lists of content which is great to pass time.

Social Media Influencer:

I have a huge social media following on Facebook and Instagram and am using this reach for promoting my businesses as well as providing social media influencing services to brands. My Facebook page has over 20,000+ likes and I have over 10,000+ followers on Instagram.

Code Canopy:

Through Code Canopy I aim at providing quality learning platform by organizing bootcamps for technical subjects.

YouTube Channel:

I am actively creating video content on my YouTube Channel through which I am creating content in the following niches: gaming, travel and vlogs.


I ran GameEon Infotech Private Limited as the Chairman & CEO from 19th April, 2013 to 2016 during which I handled managing teams, contributing to code and art(as needed) as well as handled clients in the company. At GameEon, we had established a business of game development and distribution and our games were distributed worldwide across 150+ countries with a cumulative download count of 5 million+. I have moved on from GameEon to focus on other opportunities. You can read more about this here.