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Many months ago I had developed a small retro styled game by the name “Feel Lighter”. It was a really funny game where you can customize your character to make it look like anyone you want and BEAT them! Yes, you read that right! And the game got banned! You could literally smash your character in hilarious ways. Here’s a game play video of the game:

But somehow Google felt that this game was violent and they banned it. Initially I had launched this game on Google Play in the month of October and it got a really good response from people who downloaded it but immediately within a few days my game got banned from Google Play.

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Anyway, that didn’t stop me there. I still tried to upload it again and again it got banned! So I just gave up on Google Play and instead uploaded it on Amazon App Store. If you want to try this game then you can download it for free from Amazon App Store from the following link:

Hope you like the game and it serves its purpose: To get rid of your frustrations on someone!


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