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After a year full of big ups and downs finally the last month of this year has arrived. I love Decembers because of the weather. It’s always pleasant and I find it quite cozy this time of the year. What an eventful year this was. I’ll be documenting a summary of this year in this post and will write about my take aways of learnings. Hope you have a good time reading this.

The year started on a very painful note, quite literally! The very first day of this year I woke up to an intense neck pain. I had planned a trip to Delhi to meet my friends and so I was concerned if I would have to cancel my trip because of the pain. Thankfully the pain went away in 2 days and my trip to Delhi was a memorable, chilly and pleasant experience. My friends Niyati Bhat, Zoya Seth and Saad Mohammad showed me around the city and I had some really delightful time there. I was just recovering from my depression this time around and this trip proved to be a good refreshing experience to freshen up my mind a bit.

new days, nikhil malankar, zoya seth, saad mohammad, niyati bhat, gigareel

L to R: Niyati Bhat, Saad Mohammad, Zoya Seth, Nikhil Malankar (me)

This year has been one with a lot of learnings and improvements. I tried out many different things this year including running a humour blog called “Tell Me Nothing”, wrote a book that was published by Packt Publications, traveled and came back to my gaming roots!

packt book, packt publications, packt publishing, nikhil malankar, nikmlnkr

Me posing with my first published book

I believe that my decision to move on from GameEon turned out to be quite positive for me. There were so many things that were holding me back and sometimes taking a hard call on certain situations is a need of the hour. Eventually if you persist through difficult times and take right decisions you end up being satisfied with the outcomes. Of course, there are a few things I think I could have done differently if I got a chance to go back in time. (I would definitely buy a lot of bitcoins if I got a chance to go back in 2013!) But truly, I am quite happy with how my life turned out to be in the last year.

Currently I am working as a Tech Lead for Talking Pixels, a company that does guess what? MAKES GAMES! Feels great to have a new learning experience. Had never worked in a traditional job scenario before this so its an amazing experience to get to know how it feels to work under someone. The amount of things I get to learn from my boss is just tremendous and I am so very grateful to be presented this opportunity to work with him and the team at Talking Pixels. It’s truly a refreshing experience.

nikhil malankar, nikmlnkr, sushil dubey, manu thomas, vivek bhaliya, talking pixels, tpix

Talking Pixels Team (My boss and other few team mates are missing from this one!)
L to R: Sushil Dubey, Me, Manu Thomas, Vivek Bhaliya

I developed a habit of getting up early because of this job. I had a very bad habit of getting up after 11:30 am or in some cases 1 pm in the afternoon that got changed after this job started. These learnings are definitely preparing me for the amazing things waiting ahead for me to experience.

Oh and I got hospitalised for the first time in my life after being diagnosed with Dengue. I was shared sh*tless and that made me realise the value of life to a great extent. Having said that, I would also like to open up about the fact that I am scared of thunders. A LOT! So much so that I was crying when it was thundering in the month of October haha! I remember waking up to a thunderous sound of…. umm…. thunder at 5 am during that time! So, yeah. That happened!

nikhil malankar, nikmlnkr, hospital, dengue

Was hospitalised for the very first time in August because of dengue

There were some things I wanted to happen which didn’t happen so it’s no point to crib about them and simply move ahead as there must be downs along with ups otherwise there’d be no spice in life.

All in all it was a wonderful year and I am so grateful for how things are going for me. I feel a sense of knowing the direction in which I am heading and along the way fulfilling the goals that I am setting for myself. It feels great! I worked extremely hard this year to get where I am right now and will continue to work hard to get where I want to.

nikhil malankar, nikmlnkr, marine lines, marine drive, evening, new days

A good evening spent at Marine Lines

There’s a lot more that happened this year and it would take a lot more time to type it all down so I’ll just end this post here for now and will write further about specific experiences later on as separate posts as I feel each experience deserves its own kind of attention.

Thanks to all the wonderful people around me who supported me through all this! Have a wonderful December! Here’s a toast to new days ahead!

PS: Yes, the title is the name of a song by Asher Lane titled “New Days

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  1. we met around the same time previous year and i was asking about gameeon and you was on a vacation and trying to move on from game eon and start new thing.
    i was there and i will be with you.
    i will try to join you when I’ll complete my BE