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This post is just a reminder for myself to stay true to who I am to the core.

I write this at a time when things are going pretty decent for me. I have re-booted my company and things are looking pretty good on work front. As I am back on path of growth working for myself, one always needs to remind themselves of a few things that help you keep grounded and on a path towards better things.

I want to remind myself not to settle for mediocre. In any aspect of life there is always something or the other that we can improve till we have it just right. Don’t settle for mediocrity in any aspect of life, be it work satisfaction, friendships or love.

Build things that last. This includes the products I work on with GameEon, my existing relationships and ones yet to come. Create and maintain a powerful connection with the people I vibe with and let go of any negativity that latches on to me.

Remember to remind the people I care for that I care for them. Communication is important and there’s very limited time we are alive here for. So I have to make sure that the people who I care for know that I do care about them. Sometimes words and assurances repeated over time are very much something that people love to hear.

Forgive all that happened in the past and move ahead wearing a wide smile on my face. Holding onto negative things happened in the past will not contribute to anything positive in the future so let go of all the pain, suffering and sadness in the past and hope for something better.

Believe in angels, they are all around me. People who care for me, these angels come out of nowhere at times. I am grateful for having them in my life. Try to see something good in everything around.

And above all, stay awesome. And last but not the least….

Don’t settle for mediocre.

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