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I wanted to talk about Roller Coaster Tycoon game for mobile phone. I remember this was one of my favorite games from my childhood and I used to spend countless hours trying to build the theme park of my dreams.
I have also made a YouTube video with the same content so if you want to watch the video review of this game then here you have it else read on:

The concept of this game really fascinated me and I used to play this game with a few of my friends wherein we used to visit each others places to create wacky roller coaster designs and do all sorts of crazy stuffs. We also used to drown people who complained about too much litter or vandalism in the park which was a lot of fun. So a few weeks ago Atari brought this classic masterpiece on to mobile. And instantly I knew I HAD to buy it. The game is available on Google Play for a price tag of Rs. 410 which is roughly around 6 dollars and let me tell you one thing, it is worth every penny you spend! I’ll tell you why.

Having fun in RCT mobile

I downloaded this game and instantly started to the feel the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon theme with the soundtrack they used in RCT 2. My expectations were already hyped up because I really loved this game in my childhood so like a small child I started the game with “Start New Game” option since I had no previous load files. The extremely simplistic menu design ensured that I was able to choose the levels with ease. You have multiple parks groups such as the Graphite group, Emerald group, Ruby group and so on which have all the classic parks. There are over 100 different theme parks to play in this game and all the classic parks such as Diamond Heights, Bumbly Beach, the classic Forest Frontiers are available in this game. And this is just the selection of parks I am talking about. There’s literally thousands of hours of content to play in this game.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Mobile Screenshot

Also there are 3 in app purchases which have a really justified price tag on them for the content they offer. You have the Wacky Worlds, Time Twister expansion packs and the Roller Coaster Tycoon Park Scenario Editor. The Park Scenario editor is priced at Rs. 400 which is again around 6 dollars and the other two expansion packs are priced at Rs. 130 which is around 2 dollars each. And boy should I tell you, these are totally worth it! Each of the expansion packs have their own set of new theme parks and content to play with. I purchased the Wacky Worlds Expansion pack. So thats about the parks and expansion packs. Let’s move on to the game play.
I was quite surprised by the way they actually were manage to do such a flawless job on the mobile version. The game seems well balanced on every aspect and is a justified and near to perfect port of a PC game. You can do literally everything that you could do on the PC version. The game offers you all sorts of things you could do in the RCT game such as building custom roller coasters, setting research budget, setting individual ride names, hiring staff to keep the park in good maintenance, change costumes of entertainers, advertise your park and park rides, give coupons for discounts and literally every single thing from the original game. I was also happy with the way they were able to manage the controls of the game. If you have played the original PC version of this game you would know that it would be a great challenge for the developers to get this game right for the mobile version. And you will be really happy to know that the game deserves every bit of appreciation for its perfect mobile port. As of this moment the game is ranked in the New+Updated category of Google PlayStore and rightfully so it deserves to be there.
The soundtrack of the classic game, guest interactions, guest thoughts, tweaking your rides, setting prices of individual rides and even drowning a few irritating people in the game is such a delight to experience and this game really takes you back to the good old days. All the original rides that you enjoyed in the game. This game really made me extremely happy and I would highly recommend you to download this game. Even if you haven’t played the original version of the game this game just raises the bar altogether so I would literally urge you to buy this game right away and for the fans of the classic I really don’t have to say anything because this game is worth every single dime you spend on it. It is not a greedy mobile game which would show you many ads. It is a well balanced game that offers you great content for the price you pay as well as some really great expansion packs. I give this game a 10/10 rating for the splendid mobile port they made for this.
RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic
RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic
Developer: Atari, Inc.
Price: $5.99+

So if you are fascinated by the concept of building your own theme park then definitely give this game a try.


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