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The Elder Scrolls V or popularly known as Skyrim has a vast open world map. This game was suggest to me to be reviewed by Amritanshu Verma. I played Skyrim in early 2012. The fact that it was an open world game was enough for me to get instantly interested in it since I am a huge fan of that genre.

Skyrim boasts of a massive open world environment in which you can travel for hours and hours at end. The graphics of this game might not come off to be as realistic but surely are quite immersive for the genre. However, the modding community of this game is extremely active and there are mods that can help you enhance graphics of this game and make it hyper realistic.

But perhaps what makes this game most awesome is that we actually get to fight dragons. How badass is that, right? You start this game as a dragon born who possesses these magical shouts known as “Thu’um”. Each shout contains three words in the language spoken by dragons, and the strength of the shout will vary depending on how many words have been spoken. The words to shouts can be learned by visiting “word walls” in dungeons or around the wilderness. The words to each shout are unlocked for use by spending the absorbed souls of slain dragons. A regeneration period limits the player’s use of shouts in gameplay.

You actually have to travel through the rich world of Skyrim to find and defeat dragons. Skyrim is just one of the worlds of the dense Elder Scrolls series. It is set around 200 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but isn’t a sequel to it per say.

The game starts with you being taken in a carriage to a place where you are to be executed but are saved in the nick of time because a dragon arrives at the place exactly before your execution. Now, in all honesty, I haven’t completed Skyrim since I got so lost in just wandering through the open world that I could not focus myself on the main storyline. But through what I know, the entire game is about ultimately defeating Alduin who is the first dragon created by Akatosh in order to destroy man and consume the world.

Personally playing this game was also a visual treat because it has such a variety of different terrains, caves, mountains and villages to explore. There are countless number of people to interact with and have meaningful conversations as well as some repetitive memes. *insert I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee meme*

You also have companions that follow you around and carry items for you, assist you in combat and more. It is overall a very fun experience and be warned that can also suck in a lot of hours away from you. The game really has a lot of depth in it with branching storylines, quests and so much to collect.

It is estimated that the gameplay of Skyrim is roughly around 300 hours which is a staggering 12.5 days to finish the entire game. However, because of the procedurally generated quests it is virtually impossible to say that you’d ever truly finish the game 100% since there’s always something or the other to do in the game.

And that’s what makes this game such an addictive experience. Skyrim is truly one of the best medieval games ever game. And the open world environment that the game is based in gives this game the justice it deserves. It is almost impossible to imagine this game as a linear experience since the entire game is truly about all the different choices you make that shape the game’s outcome.

You can ride horses or even hire horse carriages to take you to places. The game also has a fast travel feature that helps you quickly travel to places marked on maps. Sometimes traveling such long distances can get extremely boring or may be you might encounter some other quest along the way that might distract you from the current quest at hand. In situations like this the fast travel feature really helps out.

This game’s VR experience was recently launched by developer Bethesda which adds in yet another layer of immersion for Skyrim. The game has been critically acclaimed and has got near perfect scores from all major game review publications. In just a month of it’s release in 2011 the game sold over 10 million copies which raked around $620 million in sales.

Are you a fan of Skyrim? Have you completed the game? Which is your favourite dragon shout? Let me know in the comments. Also, if there is some game you’d like me to talk about then let me know that as well. I’ll try to cover that in my upcoming posts.

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