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A few months ago, as of this writing, I was in Czech Republic, Europe. I had a wonderful time there and there is one specific narrative I would like to recall for this post. It was on the 27th of August, 2016. I was in the city of Prague that day. My major stay in Czech Republic was in Brno, for a reason that only people close to me know about. But, since I was in Czech Republic I HAD to go to Prague, the capital city. And so, I booked a bus for Prague and spent the day in that lovely city. More than the day, my experience at night in Prague was both horrible and beautiful at the same time.

Let me tell you honestly, Prague is a lovely city to visit if you have your loved one with you. Otherwise I would recommend you to stay in a group during the night because it can get a little unsafe. But anyway, here’s my experience on the evening of 27th August, 2016 in Prague. I had spent half the day quite well in Prague when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my money in my apartment at Brno. So, I was left with around 400 CZK to spend 2 days. The amount was not much to find a place to stay in so I had to stay outside. I purchased some things for my loved one and by the end of the day I was left only with 60 CZK in my pocket. Now, things got real!

Since I had only 60 CZK left on me and some chump change in my jacket I could not even afford to get my proper night meal and so on the recommendation of my loved one I bought some chocolate energy bars after which I was left with around 30 CZK or something. Plus, I was alone there at the time. It was around 9 pm CEST, I was sitting near the Charles Bridge when I get a text from my dear one. I was gifted with one of the most beautiful promises at that time which added to the beauty of that moment. Although, because of so less money I was really in some worst condition, but the assurance of that promise calmed me down and I was ready to go through this night with that lovely promise.

Now I was feeling better so I tried to apply a little bit of smartness and found a McDonalds. I asked the manager till what time McDonalds was open and he said it was open 24 hours. I asked him if I could stay for the night over there and he was kind enough to allow me there. So, my problem of accommodation for the night was sorted. On top of that, the McDonalds over there also had WiFi and charging facilities so I charged my phone and texted with a few friends. I also had a call with my parents and a few close friends in there. I was having a pretty decent time over there until at 2 AM CEST, 28th August, 2016, a drunk man came inside and all of a sudden started attacking me for no reason. I was scared and so I ran outside. Now, post mid-night Prague was filled with all the “Hi Honey, wanna come to the hotel with me?” kind of women. And all of a sudden I was approached by these women. I got scared even more so I ran further till I reached the Astronomical Clock Tower where I found people were sitting in groups. The crowd there was quite lively even after post-midnight.

I didn’t sleep the whole night that time. I went in and started socializing with people. There were a group of people celebrating someone named Anna’s birthday so I sang “Happy birthday” with the crowd, there were people who were having drinks and enjoying, some lovers and so many types of people. It felt safe there. And then I also talked with a Russian man who wasn’t able to speak English. So, we communicated with each other through Google Translate. All in all, it was great till 4 am when I thought that now everything must be safe and so I went out of that place and started roaming on the streets of Prague. Now, 4 AM Prague, ever so quiet and ever so beautiful and the streets completely empty. If you looked on the left hand side you could see the Sun rising and exactly opposite to it on the right side, pitch black night. It was an amazing contrast to see. I was enjoying the night and then something happened when I came near Wencheslas Square.

Sunrise on the left

Darkness on the right

At around 4:30 AM-4:45 AM I was approached by a drug addict who clearly was not in his senses. He started asking me for money, at first I refused because I myself had only a couple of coins in my pocket. Fortunately, I had kept a few safe coins inside my jacket. Plus, he was carrying a knife on him. So, I just gave him whatever money I had in my pant’s pockets. And still he wasn’t convinced, he wanted me to swipe my card and give him more! I showed him my pants pockets and to my advantage, I literally had nothing in there since I had even forgotten my card back at my apartment! I did this, and ran away. By this time I was really scared and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I think, then I was left with only 20 CZK which I had kept inside my jacket. And my bus was at 6:30 PM in evening. I was panicking a lot and just wandering here and there when I came up with an idea to ask the bus service if my timings could be changed.

So, at around 8:30 AM I went to the Regiojet bus service at Florenc, Prague stop and asked them if this was possible. To my good luck, the exchange ticket would cost me only 11 CZK and so without thinking twice I booked the bus ticket for 10:30 AM. Then I went to the resting room and slept for some time. Then, at 10:30 AM I boarded the bus and got back to my apartment at 1:30 PM. But, to this day, I do not regret whatever happened that night in Prague. It was a wonderful experience. Sure, it was scary, but it taught me a whole lot of things and I am grateful for that night in Prague.

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