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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always dreamt of big things. In the last couple of days ever since I returned from Europe it feels like that part of me started dreaming even bigger. And in this whole process, I realized one important thing: Never compromise on your core to achieve your dreams. This post is dedicated to all the crazy dreams that we all have which drive us to do what we do, to go forward in life with that one hope that shouts out and says, “There’s something beautiful waiting for you ahead”.


I recall one such incident which had a huge impact on my life. This was during my 2nd grade. It was the first time that my mom came with me in my school bus since she had to go somewhere urgently nearby. She sat there on the opposite seat and I was sitting with a bunch of my friends.


Me and my friends were just talking about traveling and vacations. My friends started talking about traveling abroad for vacations and that kind of gave me an inferiority complex at the time because I had not traveled much, so in the heat of the moment I told, “Next year me and my family will go on a vacation to New York”. I had this dictionary with really cool images of America and it fascinated me ever since. My friends then went ahead and asked my mom if that was true. Well, yeah, she told them that it wasn’t true. It made me sad, of course, but that dream of traveling to a new country, city, place always lived on with me for the years to come.


Over a period of last 22 years I traveled quite a bit. But my most recent travel to Europe made me reconnect with the child in me who was sitting in that bus and bravely exclaiming to the world that he was going to achieve his dream of going to New York(I know New York is not in Europe), which at the moment he had no idea how difficult or tough it would be. But that’s what makes such dreams so beautiful, I believe. There are many things I learnt during my travel and it was my first solo experience. I had the best time of my life and truly lived a life of dream during those 20 odd days of my travel.


I saw beautiful mornings, castles, zoo, rivers, woods. I met so many new people. All these experiences collectively fueled my belief that there is no limit to the power of dreams. Most of us love to dream but when it comes to take action to go and make them true we fall short of it. I think we should go for it, you are going to die one day and that should be enough motivation to do the things you want to do, to experience things. Life is so much more beautiful than you can ever imagine it to be. Have a nice day and go work for your dreams and make them true!

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