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I know, I know, it is extremely late to write anything related to the PlayStation 3 now that the market is dominated with PlayStation 4 games. But here is a personal experience I would like to share with you all about the game which compelled me to buy the PlayStation 3!

Ever since Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Redemption I was totally in love with the game. I wanted to be able to play as a cowboy in the Wild West Era. This was around 2011 during which I had already waited patiently for the game to be ported on PC. But to my disappointment, the game never made it to the PC.

This was also the time when I had started watching a lot of Spaghetti Western movies. My favorite one is undoubtedly “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”. I remember watching these movies many times a week and that added to my excitement of wanting to experience the rich Wild West that Rockstar Games had created. I couldn’t resist myself from watching Red Dead Redemption’s trailer over and over again imagining the countless awesome things I could do in the game like riding horses, tying people to the horse and running around, roaming around like a bandit, bounty hunting and so much more.

And then finally I gave in to this hype that I created for myself and got a PS3. At the time I wasn’t earning so I had requested my Dad to get me the console which would allow me to enter the life of John Marston, the protagonist of the series. And when I finally got the game I was extremely happy. The game, in itself, is one masterpiece. Oh! I even remember watching Angry Joe review the game and that assured me that the experience I was looking for was nothing short of perfect.

The storyline of the game is also quite gripping. I enjoyed playing through the perspective of John Marston. I won’t give out spoilers here because there might be some people who might not have played the game. To such people I have only one message: GO PLAY THIS GAME!

Oh and the soundtracks of this game! Damn, they are nothing short of brilliant. My favorite soundtrack from this game is “Compass” and every time I listen to it, it refreshes my mind like anything! The game just oozes out perfection in its every aspect.

And now Rockstar Games has also announced Red Dead Redemption 2! I am very excited for the second part to see which direction Rockstar Games takes in story telling aspect of the game. Rockstar Games never disappoints even in its sequels which is quite evident from their Grand Theft Auto franchise. Waiting for this one!

This was perhaps one of the best games I ever played which tops the list of my 10/10 score games. So, have you played Red Dead Redemption? Let me know through comments which was the game that you wanted or want to play.

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