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As I woke up this morning and unlocked my phone to check stuff I noticed something different. Something was strange. I looked at the dual clock that I had set before my travel to Europe and I found that the time difference had changed. Initially it was a 3 hours 30 minutes time difference and now it was 4 hours 30 minutes. I Googled up a little about this and realized that the time zone had changed from day light saving and it was CET from CEST in European region now. This triggered my thoughts about this fascinating concept of time.


Time has always fascinated me in many ways. Be it the concept of time travel, or simply passing time, it never could stop me from thinking about how all of us are just “Time Traders”. Even if you are doing nothing, you are trading time. Think about it, every morning when you wake up for school or your job or any other thing, you are simply trading time for something. Discard the money factor here, that is just something that the economy needs to be running. But on a deeper universal level we are all just trading time for something or the other.

Our existence itself is on borrowed time. One day this body that you survive in will reach its finishing point and your energy will transfer from one form to another to experience a new time. Its really mesmerizing and mind blowing yet sad in a way that we are only going to get to see a very limited time in the time that we are living.


The other really interesting thing about time on Earth is the “Time zones”. As I mentioned in my very first paragraph about the difference in time zone, it quite really makes me think that we, as a population of 7 billion, get to see a different version of time in our own reality. I mean, how cool is it right? 7 billion variations of the way we think about this concept of time, 7 billion ways in which we live our lives. There’s so many sunrises and sunsets to experience for each one of us in our own individual ways. That is truly BEAU-tiful!


I truly wish that the concept of time travel gets invented in my life time because I would really love to see what would happen in future as well as get to see how things happened in the past. How did Dinosaurs actually look like? How did the Earth look like when there were no humans? How will the Earth look like 100 years from now? 1000 years from now? What will happen a trillion years after today? Aren’t these things simply amazing to think about? If you are a fan of time travel then I strongly urge you to watch the TV series “Doctor Who”. Well, those are my few thoughts on time. Hope you like them and you could relate or I could fascinate you with my thoughts.

Have a great day and a wonderful time!

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  1. Made my day, Nik!
    Fascination is one beautiful feeling. The awe invoked when we get thinking about things bigger than our little selves, and feeling like a five year old child again who just discovered that the Earth they’re standing on is far from steady.
    As society, we could use a lot more of that feeling.