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Virtua Cop 2 or more popularly known as VCop2 was a popular shooting game. It was an arcade rail shooter game which means that you had no control on the character’s movement and could only control when your character could shoot. It was wildly popular in the late 90s. VCop2 was released for PC in 1997 and was an absolute amazing experience to play. I would like to talk further about this game  and what made it so enjoyable.

This game was also released for those old school arcade gaming machines installed in malls. I played this game on my Windows system and this was one of the early games I ever played. It featured 3 playable characters namely Rage, Smarty and Janet.

Fun thing about this game was that it wasn’t an entirely linear experience. The game gave you choice at certain location to choose which path you want to go through. I found that very interesting and because of this I used to play through the same level again and again in order to see what other ways were available to play through.

You pass through levels in a very linear way though as you are presented with waves of enemies that you need to shoot down. Be careful though, as you have to make sure that you don’t accidentally shoot down civilians. You have 5 lives that are represented as badges on the bottom left of the screen along with your ammo count. As you shoot your ammo decreases and you need to reload after each round gets consumed. This game mechanic made it quite an intense experience as you had to manage your ammo properly otherwise you’d get shot at.

You also had various guns to collect throughout the game. These guns were hidden behind certain objects that you had to shoot down. So every time you played the game and shot at new objects in the same level you could find new guns or power ups. This exploration aspect of discovering something new every time you played through the same level added in to the intrigue factor for gamers who were ready to play through the entire game just to find these hidden objects.

In total there were 3 levels in this game. At the end of each level you were faced with a Boss fight and an extra Boss battle after completing all the 3 levels.

But really what made this game so fun to play was that you were offered the choice to choose two different paths at certain crossroads and each of these path offered a unique experience of it’s own. My personal favourite was the train level where you had to shoot waves of enemies while walking from one compartment to the next.

After a few play throughs you become an expert and can instantly recognise which enemy will pop up from which side and there by gain multipliers for playing perfectly.

This game was an absolute joyride to play as it offered so much. Nineties were so awesome. It was the time where games were these complete experiences without interruption by ad walls or in-app purchases that limit your gameplay. You used to pay a full price and for that you would get an entire experience that you would remember forever.

Although the graphics of this game are nowhere near to that of games in today’s times but Virtua Cop 2 is still a really good game. Have you played Virtua Cop 2? If you haven’t then I highly recommend you to try it out. You’ll have a lot of fun, I guarantee it! Let me know your thoughts if you have played this game through the comments section.

That’s it for my thoughts on Virtua Cop 2. I look forward to hear your thoughts on the same.

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